A manifestation of his early fascination with comic book crusaders such as Judo Boy and Zorro, badibanga - the eponymous menswear label from Congolese-born, Belgian-bred designer, Oscar Badibanga is a nod to his strong desire to be his own fashion superhero. The collection is locally produced and globally sourced, drawing design inspiration from his own process of self-discovery and fashion evolution. Born out of a need to create his own aesthetic, the collection is a representation of his journey so far. Elevating simple silhouettes with detailed elements that give badibanga its distinct edge. Each piece has its own identity, taking comfort and function as its main directive, while delivering quality and meticulous craftsmanship packaged as effortless ready-to-wear.


"If I have to describe my brand, it's an extension of myself. It is comfort. My second skin, my everyday uniform. These pieces can be dressed up or down and can easily transition from day to night. I view each individual piece like a sculpture. I don't want to distract myself or the wearer with labels and branding although there are elements that make it indicative. But the idea is to make it your own."